Here’s why the Braves should have no concern extending Freddie Freeman until he’s in his late 30s

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All of Braves country is now patiently awaiting the news that Freddie Freeman has been re-signed, and although Freeman is 32, his style of play should ensure he is a top-caliber player for many years to come.

As all Braves fans know, Freddie doesn’t have to have to smash the ball out of the park to make an impact. Freeman constantly hits the ball the other way when he gets cold, and he has a nose for the gaps to generate a ton of extra base hits. Plain and simple — the guy just rakes. In addition, since he plays first base, the wear-and-tear on his body should be limited as he ages. With the DH potentially coming to the National League, Freeman could also get some extra rest in that role in later years.

Freddie Freeman needs to be a Brave for life. I don’t think any side will have any concerns with buyer’s remorse.

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