How were the Hawks different under Quin Snyder compared to Nate McMillan?

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The Hawks improved under Quin Snyder, and they showed some real fight in the playoffs, which a lot of people didn’t expect. McMillan got a lot out of the Hawks when he first took over, helping them get to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, things went sour, and he didn’t make it to the end of 2023. The sample size is small, but the numbers speak for themselves under Snyder:

I’m not a huge fan of offensive and defensive ratings. They often don’t tell the entire story, but this matches what the eye test suggested. The Hawks seemed to space the ball better and play with a quicker pace under Snyder, and their defense took a small step back as a result.

The roster clearly needs an overhaul, mostly in the frontcourt. John Collins and Clint Capela are guilty of stopping the ball plenty frequently, and I’d be willing to bet the Hawks trade one or both of them before the season starts. However, the increased offense is a promising sign.

I’d love to see some improved wing play, which is a possibility with this crop of free agents. Snyder’s system can work, but the Hawks can’t try to shove round pegs into square holes. This team can contend, but they’re going to have to shake up the roster to make that happen. The early returns on Quin Snyder have been encouraging.

Photo: Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire

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