Jake’s Falcons Offseason Mock Draft 2.0: Post Senior Bowl (7 Rounds)

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Happy draft season! It’s draft season for me 365 days a year, but now that the Falcons are officially in the offseason and their draft order is set, it’s time to start really diving into the NFL Draft. This draft is the 2.0 edition, which is post-Senior Bowl but pre-free agency and pre-combine. I’ll be updating these around events like these, and of course, if there are any significant trades or signings, I’ll make some updates. Before we get started, I’d like to make a few things clear:


  • I think the Falcons should address the trenches in free agency. Some may get upset if I don’t heavily target pass rushers, offensive linemen, or defensive linemen — I’ve already laid out some priority targets I like in free agency. The Falcons have thrown a lot of picks at those positions, and they have little to show for it. Chasing needs has gotten them in a lot of trouble.
  • My philosophy is best player available. While I will be considering need, the Falcons have a lot of needs, and they’ll likely be addressed naturally. With a thin roster, it’s hard to go wrong with any position.
  • If you’ve been reading my Mock Draft Mondays, I have been doing my best to “mix up” my picks, and although I like the players, I did my best to change things up. These picks will be the ones I strongly advocate for.
  • The Falcons may get some compensation picks if they lose a guy like Cordarrelle Patterson or Hayden Hurst. I will address that in future editions when those are announced, which is likely after free agency.
  • I’ll be using TheDraftNetwork’s Draft Simulator.

If you want to read the 1.0 Edition, it’s linked below:

Jake’s Offseason Mock Draft 1.0


Round 1, Pick 8: CB Derek Stingley Jr. – LSU

I have no clue how Derek Stingley Jr. fell to me with the 8th pick, but there was zero hesitation with him available. I’ve made it clear that I’m sticking to best player available, and the prospect of pairing Stingley with AJ Terrell is too appealing to pass up. Stingley is a sticky man corner with excellent instincts and ball skills; he is a feisty press corner at the line of scrimmage with very advanced hips and techniques. Terrell and Stingley give the Falcons the best young cornerback tandem in the entire NFL; that’s hard to pass on with the 8th pick.

Round 2, Pick 43: IDL Devonte Wyatt – Georgia

I wouldn’t be surprised if Devonte Wyatt pushed his way into the first round, but I’m in the camp that believes he could be a better prospect than his teammate Jordan Davis. While Davis is better than Wyatt at his best skill, Wyatt is more well rounded and can collapse almost any pocket or stuff the run. He has the potential to be a very special player up front, and that’s perfect for a team like the Falcons, who need a push next to Grady Jarrett.

Round 2, Pick 58 (From Tennessee): WR Christian Watson – North Dakota State

Even before the Senior Bowl, Watson was becoming one of my favorite prospects in this entire draft. Watson is a big-bodied X receiver at 6’5, but he moves like a player half that size. He possesses rare quickness, agility, and straight-line speed for a guy his size. Throw in the fact that he has an absurd catch radius and is a strong blocker — you have a Julio Jones (lite) replacement with the pick that you got for Jones.

Round 3, Pick 74: TE Trey McBride – Colorado State

Okay, before you roll your eyes at a tight end, hear me out for a second. The Falcons have one rostered tight end going into free agency (Kyle Pitts), and Trey McBride is an absolute bargain in the third round. McBride is very similar to Pitts without a lot of the freakish bodily traits. He’s an exceptional athlete that can make a lot of tough catches. The Mackey Award Winner actually put up better numbers than Pitts did in his senior season, and he’s a willing blocker with potential in an offense that uses a lot of three tight end sets. The Falcons need offensive weapons, and McBride is way too valuable to pass up on here.

Round 4, Pick 112: EDGE Boye Mafe – Minnesota

Another Senior Bowl standout, I’d be shocked if Mafe made it to day three after combine testing. For now, I’ll take him all day. Even though I haven’t addressed the pass rush to this point, with a few key free agents, Mafe could be the final cherry on top if Ade Ogundeji develops appropriately. Mafe is a freak athlete that is a bit of a project, but he showed a lot of flashes at the Senior Bowl. He could be ready sooner rather than later, but if the Falcons can get a few guys in free agency, he will be well worth the wait.


Round 5, Pick 150: OT Max Mitchell – Louisiana

While I want to look to free agency to address the interior of the offensive line, grooming a potential Kaleb McGary replacement for next offseason isn’t the worst idea. With Matt Gono and the Falcons agreeing to a mutual separation, this pick makes even more sense. Max Mitchell is one of my favorite sleepers in this class; he’s very strong with a solid anchor that helps him as a pass blocker and as a road grader in the run game. I really love his upside, especially if he can develop for a season.

Round 6, Pick 188: RB Dameon Pierce – Florida

While I watched Florida play UCF, I kept wondering how Dameon Pierce didn’t get that much burn in Dan Mullen’s offense. He’s a very physical runner with solid vision, and he can make plays in the passing game. The most impressive thing to me with Pierce was his pass blocking — a very physical player when protecting his quarterback. Not to mention, his legs are pretty fresh with minimal carries as a senior at Florida. I think he’s a picture-perfect replacement for Mike Davis if the Falcons decide to move on.

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