Jim Bowden of The Athletic proposes a massive blockbuster between the Braves and Twins

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The Braves still aren’t cemented as buyers or sellers, but this upcoming road trip with games against the Phillies and Mets should be very telling. I think the Braves will be buyers, and the national media consensus believes the same. In a recent article with The Athletic that our follower @RobJoye10 tweeted at us, Bowden has the Braves making a ground-breaking move at the deadline.


I’ve actually discussed the Braves going in on José Berríos, and I think they could add to a position of strength with Mike Soroka out. However, trading for Buxton and Rogers would cost even more prospect capital. Both guys have one more year of control under their belt and will be very coveted at the deadline.

The former top pick and Georgia native Buxton is one of the better defenders in baseball at any position, and he has improved with the bat tremendously over his career. He’s still only 27 and has a sky high 1.176 OPS. Buxton would provide a lot for the Braves this season and next, but extending him will be expensive. You have to imagine any trade with Buxton will involve Drew Waters or Cristian Pache, and in this package, maybe both.

Taylor Rogers is a lefty closer, and although he has had a so-so 2021, he still dominates lefty hitters. Rogers is only allowing a .535 OPS and owns an insane 28.0 Strikeout-to-Walk ratio. He has walked one batter and given up nine hits in 52 at-bats against left-handed hitters.

This would be a massive shockwave in terms of prospect capital, but it may be worth it for a Braves team that will have all three players under control in 2022 as well.

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