Julio Jones says he doesn’t need preseason

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Julio Jones has been a man of many eye-popping quotes this offseason.

Last week, he said he might mess around and go for 3,000 yards. Of course, that would easily surpass the all-time single-season record of 1,964 yards set by Calvin Johnson in 2012 – a record Jones has come close to catching multiple times. To break the 3,000-yard barrier, Julio would have to average over 187 yards per game, but I’m not going to be the one who tells him he can’t do it.

Then on Monday, he provided us with a couple of more golden nuggets.

First and foremost, he took a shot at some fellow wide receivers. According to Falcons beat reporter, William McFadden, a reporter suggested that Jones was in the same boat as Michael Thomas and Amari Cooper as they await new contracts. Julio responded, “Nah, we’re not in the same boat.”

I love the disrespect here because he goes out every week and backs it up. These prima donnas only wish they could sniff the kind of production Jones has put up in his career. He’s the best receiver in the game and on track to be one of, if not, the best to ever do it. Reporters should know better than to disrespect his name like that.

Lastly, Jones told us that he will not be playing in the preseason this year, saying, “I don’t need preseason to get ready.”

There shouldn’t be anybody in the Falcons organization upset with that. They should not be willing to risk injury to the team’s best player, especially somebody who has had so many concerns in the past. Jones stays ready and will be looking to feast on whoever guards him in week one.

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