Latest NFL Draft buzz has major implications for Falcons

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As the major waves of NFL free agency come to a close, most of the attention around the league is beginning to turn to the NFL Draft, where the Falcons have the 8th overall pick for the third straight season.

Now that we know the direction of the Falcons following the signing of Kirk Cousins, the first round selection becomes that much more pivotal. If Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris can come away with a star, this is a roster that has the makings of competing in the NFC. But if they stumble upon a dud, both of them will be looked at heavily under a microscope next offseason.

Luckily for Fontenot and Morris, they have a considerable factor working in their favor. There are a plethora of quarterback needy teams, which the Falcons are not after acquiring Kirk Cousins. Most expect quarterbacks to go with the first three picks in the draft, and now there is buzz that quarterbacks could go with four of the first six picks following Minnesota’s trade with the Texans for another first round pick. The Vikings are gearing up for a move up the board in an attempt to find a successor for Cousins.

That has to be music to the ears of Fontenot and Morris. The more quarterbacks taken in front of them, the more likely one of the draft prospects at the top of their big board falls right in their laps with the 8th pick.

No matter your flavor of tea when it comes to the position, there will be no shortage of impact day one starters available when the Falcons are on the clock. There’s no reason they shouldn’t nail their first round pick, and if they can follow it up with a few more contributors in the later rounds, they very well may position themselves for a monumental leap in just one year, like we saw with the Lions last season.

Photo: David Buono/Icon Sportswire

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