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The Braves have a multitude of club options they will have to decide on in the coming months, most notably Charlie Morton, who has a lucrative $20 million club option. However, it’s very possible that’s a decision the Braves may not even get to make. He could opt to retire, leaving a couple of gaping holes in the rotation.

If Morton does decide to give it one more go, I do expect the Braves to bring him back. Especially with Kyle Wright already out for the 2024 season, they need Morton’s consistency in the middle of their rotation, but he is only one of the many decisions the Braves must make this offseason.

Atlanta Braves 2023-2024 Options

  • Charlie Morton — $20 million club option, no buyout
  • Eddie Rosario — $9 million club option, no buyout
  • Collin McHugh — $6 million club option, $1 million buyout
  • Kirby Yates — $5.75 million club option, $1.25 million buyout
  • Brad Hand — $7 million club option, $500k buyout

Now, it’s unlikely but it is possible the Braves decline all of these options. As I mentioned in the open, Morton could decide to retire, but even if he doesn’t, there is a chance the Braves decline his option and try to negotiate his price tag down a bit.

I do think the Braves will opt to pick up Rosario’s option and try to pair him with a right-handed platoon. Kevin Pillar served admirably in the role this year, but the Braves can upgrade rather easily without spending much money. However, there is also a scenario where Alex Anthopoulos attempts to completely revamp the position and acquire an everyday starter, whether it be via free agency or trade.

The last three are relievers that could all be looking for new homes this offseason. Collin McHugh really struggled this year. Perhaps the Braves think he can bounce back in 2024, but $6 million might be too rich for their blood.

Kirby Yates is the most likely of the three to return. He looked good in his first full season back from injury and could be even better next season.

Brad Hand’s $7 million option certainly won’t be picked up. He’ll be a free agent this offseason.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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