LSU football has no problem footing the bill unlike Tennessee

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In one of the most spectacular college football games I’ve ever seen, Tennessee finally got over the hump and beat Alabama. Fans in orange stormed the field and tore down the goal posts in celebration of their first win in the Third Saturday in October series since 2006; and to be honest, it was awesome to see.

There was even a hilarious thread of the goal posts making its way through campus. However, in the coming days, Tennessee subsequently took to social media to literally beg for money.

It was pathetic. As news cycles come and go, stories are forgotten. But this one was brought back to light thanks to LSU football, who was fined $250,000 by the SEC on Sunday for its third field-storming incident since 2014 after the Tigers upset No. 7 Ole Miss in Tiger Stadium on Saturday. The Tiger Athletic Foundation declared it would pay the upcoming bill while also calling out Tennessee for not doing the same.

“TAF members, thank you for all you do for LSU Athletics! Unlike other schools in the conference, we will find a way to cover this cost. #ForeverLSU,” the TAF wrote.

It just means more down south. College football is better than the NFL for feuds like this. LSU and Tennessee play once every ten years unless they meet in Atlanta for the conference championship, but the Tigers, despite being beaten down at home by the Volunteers a short time ago, can’t help themselves from throwing a jab. In reality, Tennessee got the last laugh after coming out of Death Valley victorious.

Photographer: John Korduner/Icon Sportswire
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