Braves Potential Free Agent Targets: Starting Pitchers

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This continues my series of potential free agents for the Braves. Once again, in this piece, I’ll just be listing all of the options and giving my initial thoughts. As the offseason continues, I’ll dive deeper into everyone. The Braves starting rotation already has four spots filled, and they have several young arms waiting for their opportunity, so it’s not a must that they add another starter. With that being said, bringing in another frontline guy would make them heavy favorites in the NL East again.

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Potential Starting Pitching Free Agent Targets



This isn’t ALL the starting pitchers that will be available. More could join them after options are not picked up and guys are non-tendered, but these are most of the players that will be available. As you can see, there is no shortage of options for the Braves to choose from, but I really want to focus on the top guys on this list. I don’t imagine the Braves will be looking to add an innings-eater-type this offseason. If they are going to go in that direction, they might as well let their younger guys battle it out for the final spot in the rotation.

Braves Chairman Terry McGuirk said the team aims to be a top-five payroll in baseball. If he’s serious, Atlanta could look to add a frontline option, and there are plenty to choose from. Still, I think it’s more likely the Braves pass on starting pitching altogether and hand one of the top shortstops on the market a massive contract.

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