Max Fried loses arbitration case to Braves

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Max Fried was the only player the Braves went to arbitration with, which of course, raised concern among the fan base. However, as I try to explain every offseason, this is perfectly normal, especially with the better players in the league. It doesn’t mean the two sides won’t eventually work out an extension; it’s simply part of the process in today’s game. The two sides file what they believe Fried’s salary should be in 2023, and if they do not match, they go to an arbitration trial. This time, that trial was won by the Braves.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, Fried’s projected arbitration salary was $12.2 million, so the $13.5 million the Braves filed for was quite a bit higher than that, which is likely why the Braves came out on top in this trial. Regardless, nothing should be taken from this other than how it affects the Braves salary table in 2023. Fried may or may not re-sign with Atlanta, but it will have nothing to do with the two sides going to arbitration to decide his salary.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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