MLB has the Braves near their bottom of their updated farm system rankings

Daniel young Braves

As expected, the outlook on the Braves farm system isn’t exactly great. Thankfully, this results from being aggressive with promotions, making trades, and generally graduating contributors. Other teams aren’t as lucky (the Angels at 30th). Now, the Braves farm sits at 27th on MLB Pipeline’s Rankings:

The outlook only gets worse. Vaughn Grissom is at 46 at-bats. He will graduate from prospect status with his 130th at-bat, which is likely coming in the next few weeks. Still, the Braves shouldn’t have much cause for concern. I talked about some risers and fallers in the Braves farm system and how the 2022 draft class is already performing well.

There isn’t a reason to worry about this ranking; a robust farm system is a luxury when you’re a competitive team. The Dodgers are the only successful team on this list in the top ten for payroll and farm system. Hopefully, with international signing penalties lifted, the Braves farm can also achieve that status sooner rather than later.


Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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