MLB Trade Rumors releases Braves projected 2023 arbitration salaries

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It’s that time of the year; today, MLB Trade Rumors released their projected arbitration salaries for each player. They do this annually, and typically, they are pretty spot on. Because the Braves have done a fantastic job of locking up their young core to extensions before they ever get to arbitration, they only have six arb candidates for 2023, and I expect a couple of them to be non-tendered.

Braves Arbitration Projections

Non-Tender Candidates

Guillermo Heredia

If the Braves win back-to-back World Series with Guillermo Heredia serving as the team’s cheerleader, who knows? Maybe they will bring him back for another year. However, purely from a baseball perspective, there’s a pretty good chance he finds a new home this offseason.

Silvino Bracho

With all of the bullpen arms the Braves already have locked up heading into next season, there’s very little chance they tender Bracho a contract.

No Brainers

The rest of the guys on this list are no-brainers, even Mike Soroka. A few years ago, maybe the Braves would have thought twice about paying Soroka, who hasn’t played in over two seasons, close to $3 million. But now, payroll is skyrocketing, and $3 million is pocket change for this organization. On top of that, the upside Soroka brings to the table is worth the risk. If he doesn’t make it back next year, then I expect the Braves to move on.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Fried received more than his projected salary. He will undoubtedly file higher than that number, but hopefully, the two sides can work toward an extension before he becomes a free agent at the end of next season.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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