NFL Draft: Louis Riddick has his QB target for the Falcons

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Opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got one, and they usually stink. The Falcons are slotted to pick 8th overall, and the variance in who the club should select is dramatic.

Some believe Atlanta should draft a defender — Tyree Wilson, Nolan Smith, Lukas Van Ness, Christian Gonzalez, or Devon Witherspoon. Others believe Bijan Robinson is the logical best player available. Then, there are those who dare to push the envelope and suggest a quarterback.

Bryce Young and CJ Stroud are practically out of reach, barring some draft night fiasco. That leaves Will Levis and Anthony Richardson for Atlanta to potentially scoop up; both prospects are intriguing physical specimens. They have big arms and plus athleticism. It’s easy to see the projectability of both Levis and Richardson.

The Falcons have stated to the media that they’re comfortable with Desmond Ridder as the 2023 starter, but some are not so convinced. Louis Riddick, who is widely regarded as one of the best football minds in the media, believes Atlanta should draft Will Levis.

Riddick doesn’t just blow smoke, and his track record is impressive. Remember, this is the guy that shouted from the rooftops before last season that the Seahawks were a team to watch. If he speaks, we should listen.

I’m not as high on Levis as some others, but I would be perfectly fine if the Falcons see him as the franchise quarterback. His stats at Kentucky don’t tell the entire story, and his 2021 campaign was much better than last year’s. He makes mistakes, but Levis played a lot of hero ball with a putrid Wildcats supporting cast. If he played for Georgia, Alabama, or Ohio State, there would be more hype surrounding him.

Photographer: Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire

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