Falcons Potential Draft Target: Will Levis

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This continues my series of first-round targets for the Falcons, moving on to one of the most polarizing figures in the draft, Will Levis. If you missed any of the previous parts of this series, follow the links below:

Will Levis Draft Profile

Quarterback prospects that aren’t considered “can’t miss” — like Bryce Young and Trevor Lawrence — will always be the most scrutinized heading into the draft because there will always be some team willing to gamble on their potential. Sometimes it works; sometimes, it doesn’t. There might not be better examples of this than Will Levis and Anthony Richardson, two quarterbacks with ultra-high ceilings that also flashed a lot of flaws during their time in college.

Leading up to the draft, Levis won’t be able to do anything to hurt his draft stock. He looks the part of an NFL QB and is going to wow people at his Pro Day with one of the most spectacular arms on the planet. Levis is also quite athletic, so he could also turn some heads in some of the other drills if he chooses to participate. However, teams with Zach Wilson fresh on their minds won’t be putting all their stock into how Levis performs at his Pro Day.

I’m actually pretty high on Will Levis and believe the Falcons should definitely consider him if he falls to them with the 8th pick in the draft. I have a feeling he won’t be there because somebody is going to move up and take a chance on this young man.

Beyond his strong arm, Levis has good accuracy at all three levels. He goes through his progressions well and knows how to work defenses. His stats from Kentucky are pretty underwhelming, and he turned the ball over too much, but the talent around him was putrid compared to his competition. He never had elite wide receivers, and his offensive line was below average. Levis was asked to make lemonade out of lemons, and he was often able to complete the task. If he were playing quarterback for Georgia, Alabama, or Ohio State, there would be a lot more people clamoring for him to go number one overall.

If the Falcons aren’t sure Desmond Ridder is the guy, they have the perfect opportunity to grab one in a loaded QB class. Bryce Young may not be attainable, but they could very easily move up the board for one of C.J. Stroud or Will Levis — both of whom I expect to have a lot of success at the next level.

What do you think about the Falcons drafting Will Levis?

Photographer: Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire
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