One of the greatest free agent signings in Falcons history retires

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One of football’s greatest players has decided to hang it up. Center is among the least notable positions in all of sports, and Alex Mack never cared for recognition. But now, he’s deservedly going to be showered with praise. After 13 incredible seasons with three organizations, Mack is retiring.

Mack began his career in Cleveland, where he was named to three Pro Bowls over seven seasons. But most of our readers know him from his time in Atlanta. Mack was one of the greatest free agent signings in franchise history. Atlanta gave him a lucrative deal, and he rewarded them. It was a rare instance where a high-profile signing was met with equal production. He was one of the most prominent reasons for the Falcons’ magical 2016 run to the Super Bowl, in which he famously played through a broken leg.

Mack came to Atlanta and played only five seasons, but the fans knew how important he was to the team. He totaled three more trips to the Pro Bowl during his time with the Falcons and his seventh when he followed Kyle Shanahan to San Francisco. Mack retires as arguably the best center of the past decade, earning six Pro Bowls in ten seasons. Falcons fans are forever grateful for the grit and excellence he provided Atlanta, and we all wish him nothing but the best in whatever his post-football life brings him.



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