Opinion: Falcons should permanently adopt throwback uniforms

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A couple of offseasons ago, the NFL announced the league would end the one-helmet rule, paving the way for clubs to bring back some iconic throwbacks while others opted for brand-new looks. The Falcons did both.

Atlanta introduced new uniforms as well as reintroduced some throwbacks, with widely different results. The club debuted some of the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen — the gradient threads. It was a colossal mistake, but the club has rectified it. 

According to Arthur Smith on Chris Long‘s podcast, the team won’t be wearing the gradient jerseys this season. Some fans might not be happy, but take it from a fashionista, they’re a terrible look. However, what isn’t debatable is the Falcons’ throwbacks, which are universally beloved by the fan base.

Now, I am urging the Falcons to go to the throwbacks full-time.

Tommy Nobis and the ’60s Falcons didn’t win much when they donned the red helmets for the first time, but the lids are forever enshrined in Falcons lure. The throwbacks are the best jerseys the Falcons have ever had, and there’s no sense in beating around the bush anymore.

Listen, jerseys are never going to please everyone, but the gradients were a complete dud, and the throwbacks are loved by everyone. Not only should the Falcons burn all of the gradients in a dumpster behind Flowery Branch, but they should also reimburse all of the poor souls that purchased one with a throwback version.

Thank you Arthur Smith for righting this ship. It’s arguably the most important thing he’s done during his tenure in Atlanta, but there’s still work to be done. Make the red helmets and throwback uniforms permanent.

Photographer: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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