Opinion: Nobody knows, including Terry Fontenot, what Falcons will do with the 4th pick

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There have been more rumors about what the Falcons will do with the fourth overall pick than we can count, but here are just a few:

The last bullet is mine, and it is purely speculative, but the fact remains that there have been absolutely no rumors or reports surrounding Atlanta and Penei Sewell — other than proper due diligence. The only thing that points to the Falcons being interested was the report from D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that stated Atlanta would be sending members of their front office to watch Sewell at Oregon’s Pro Day and also had a virtual meeting with him. Why wouldn’t any other, more substantial, rumors be circulating?

It is purely speculative, but I don’t understand the lack of media interest. Is it because it isn’t a sexy position like quarterback or a flashy tight end? The former Oregon Duck is 6’4” and 330-pounds from Malaeimi, American Samoa, could be the best player in the draft. He lit up his pro day, posting an elite RAS of 9.32 and measured in the upper percentile of nearly every statistic. His foot speed and agility are real on film and in this three-cone time, which only 12 guys have ever matched at his size — per@MathBomb.

In my opinion, this points to is the fact that nobody knows what the Falcons will do, and rightfully so because even Terry Fontenot doesn’t know what Atlanta will do. The betting odds for the third overall pick are so close between Justin Fields, Trey Lance, and Mac Jones that even Vegas doesn’t know who John Lynch will select. If Fontenot doesn’t know which quarterback will be available when the Falcons are on the clock, how could he possibly have the pick decided?

So, not only does the third pick affect the fourth pick, but so do the draft picks behind Atlanta. Even though the 49ers executed a pre-draft trade to jump the Falcons, a trade for Atlanta’s pick likely won’t come until draft night — if it comes at all. Fontenot is taking in every data point he possibly can; he’s listening and weighing every trade offer and scouting every quarterback and non-quarterback prospect with equal intent on possibly taking them. There is no i or t he hasn’t dotted and crossed. The Falcons will be fully prepared to pull whichever trigger is the one that presents itself on draft night.


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