Falcons: Louis Riddick reports that Arthur Smith likes Trey Lance “a lot”

Trey Lance

Smokescreen season continues, and now Louis Riddick has gotten in on the action. A guy who was once rumored to be in the running for the Falcons general manager position chimes in on what he thinks the Falcons may do with the fourth overall pick

This comes just a few days after the report that Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith were “aligned” on their decision for the fourth overall pick. The rumor was that Arthur Smith did not want to select a quarterback, and Terry Fontenot had eyes for — you guessed it; Trey Lance. Now, just because a front office “likes” a player does not mean they will select them. I’m sure Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Kyle Pitts, and Penei Sewell “a lot” as well. However, they seem to be indicating that Lance could be their guy.

Of course, this might be legit, a smokescreen, or the Falcons could be using it to leverage a trade back. I don’t think Lance would be an awful pick; he may be the most physically gifted quarterback prospect in the class, but this rumor mill is far from over.

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