Ozzie Albies on the World Series: “One is not enough”

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The Braves reached the top of the mountain in 2021, winning their first World Series since 1995. It was one of the greatest postseason runs in sports history for a city that has dealt with so much disappointment when it comes to the playoffs.

The Braves have been a reason for many of those forgettable moments. Despite winning 14 straight division titles from 1991-2004, 1995 was the only season that netted a championship. Most clubs could only dream of such a run, but when you’re widely regarded as one of the most talented teams in the game, the one World Series is an underwhelming result.

Braves fans who were alive during that stretch hope history isn’t repeating itself with this current group. Atlanta has won six straight division titles, yet only has one World Series to show for it. In fact, they’ve only made it out of the Divisional Round two times, with the other resulting in a 3-1 collapse to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020.

The World Series is the toughest trophy to win in sports. It takes a lot more than talent to be the last team standing. Only one team can say they’ve won more than one World Series over the last six years — the Houston Astros — so one championship should not be looked on as a disappointment to this point.

But with all the talent the Braves have locked up for years to come, not winning at least one more World Series would feel like this team failed to live up to their immense potential.

That’s a lot of pressure coming into each season, but the Braves aren’t shying away from expectations. A.J. Minter has already said it’s “World Series or bust” in Atlanta, a sentiment several teammates have echoed during Spring Training.

The latest being Ozzie Albies. When asked about his teammates’ statement, he said, “The World Series is a special thing. We accomplished that before — but I think one is not enough. We want to do it again.”

David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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