Potential Braves trade target unlikely to be moved this offseason

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I’ve yet to dive in on many potential trade targets, but I expect Alex Anthopoulos to be very busy in that area as well this winter. The Braves are unlikely to make a huge splash like they did a year ago with Matt Olson, given their underwhelming farm system, but I would also be shocked if they didn’t make at least one substantial trade.

One name that many organizations are keeping an eye on is All-Star outfielder Bryan Reynolds, who has been on the Braves radar for several seasons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Pirates are interested in moving him right now. He still has three years of team control remaining, and according to MLB insider Jon Morosi, the Pirates believe they can field a competitive team before Reynolds becomes a free agent.

Reynolds is a legitimate All-Star outfielder. He began last year slowly and still finished with an .807 OPS. In 2021, Reynolds had a .912 OPS and finished 11th in the NL MVP race.

It’s understandable why the Pirates want to hang on to a talent like that, but frankly, I have no idea what they are doing. They are one of the worst teams in baseball right now, and even if they begin to improve, Reynolds will be a free agent by the time they are ready to compete. Pittsburgh doesn’t like to spend money, and there would be very little reason for Reynolds to want to stay given how porously the organization is run.

Reynolds would be the perfect addition to a Braves outfield that desperately needs an upgrade in left field, but it looks like Alex Anthopoulos will need to search elsewhere for the answer.

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