Ranking the top 10 right fielders in MLB

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This continues my list of the top 10 MLB players at each position, moving onto right fielders, where the Braves have arguably the most exciting player in baseball. If you missed any of the previous editions of this series, follow the links below.

Top 10 MLB Right Fielders

  1. Aaron Judge
  2. Mookie Betts
  3. Ronald Acuña Jr.
  4. Bryce Harper
  5. Fernando Tatis Jr.
  6. Kyle Tucker
  7. George Springer
  8. Starling Marte
  9. Teoscar Hernández
  10. Lars Nootbaar

This is possibly the most difficult list to make of them all, but #1 should be no debate after the year Aaron Judge just had. The home run king of the American League finished one of the best individual seasons we have ever seen. He owns the top spot until further notice; however, the top guys on this list could be shuffled very easily depending on how they perform in 2023.

I really don’t think the second spot is up for debate, either; some people have just gotten so accustomed to Mookie Betts being great. In six of his last seven seasons, he’s finished within the top eight of the MVP race. That’s incredible consistency that is unmatched at the position.

#3 is where things get interesting. I went with the Braves’ own Ronald Acuña Jr. When he’s right, he might be the best right fielder in the game, but I have to see him back healthy before I put him in the category with Judge and Betts. I think that happens this year. He’s still a top-three player at the position.

At #4, I have Bryce Harper, who is one of my favorite players in the league. However, you could make the argument he’s more of a DH, and he’s scheduled to miss significant time with a torn UCL, which is why I couldn’t put him any higher.

Fernando Tatis Jr. slots in behind Harper. He’s set to play right field this season with the new-look Padres, and he has the potential to own the top spot this time next year. Tatis Jr. is that talented, but the off-the-field concerns are legitimate.

Kyle Tucker comes in at #6. He might be the most underrated player in baseball, and behind him is George Springer, who is coming off a down year for his standards but remains an elite talent.

Following Springer, there’s a fairly considerable drop off, but I love me some Starling Marte, and Teoscar Hernández followed up his first All-Star campaign with another really solid season in 2022.  The final spot I gave to Lars Nootbar, a promising 25-year-old for the Cardinals that just knows how to get on base.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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