Ranking the Top Free Agents: Shooting Guards



1. Tim Hardaway Jr.             Hawks Interest: High

The #1 spot at this position can be debated between the top three or four guys, but the Hawks should have a high interest in retaining their own player. Atlanta already traded Dwight Howard to clear up cap space, and likely will not be re-signing Paul Millsap. They have the money to re-sign Hardaway Jr. and the restricted free agency capability to keep him from going anywhere.

2. J.J. Reddick                        Hawks Interest: Medium

Even if the Hawks do decide to keep Hardaway, they will have some money to spend on free agents. While no superstars may be headed the Hawks way. Reddick could be brought in on a reasonable contract and thrive in Coach Budenholzer’s system. It also would give Hardaway the opportunity to be the sixth man, where he might be better served. The downside on Reddick could be the price tag and whether or not the Hawks really want to compete this season. They might want to bottom out and aim for a high draft pick.

3. Dion Waiters                      Hawks Interest: Low

Waiters made a name for himself in Miami after a breakout season. He was the star during the Heat’s marvelous second half run. Somebody is going to pay this guy a lot of money this offseason, and he does not seem like a great fit with the Hawks.

4. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope                     Hawks Interest: Medium

Caldwell-Pope has yet to breakout after being drafted number eight in 2013. He has still proven to be a solid player. Maybe there is untapped potential there that the Hawks think they can help him reach. If that is the case, there might be a case for the team investing in him, providing the price is right.

5. Jonothan Simmons                           Hawks Interest: Medium

Simmons broke out in the playoffs, especially in Kawhi Leonard’s absence. As LaMarcus Aldridge shrank, Simmons came into his own. The Spurs/Hawks connection is real. Maybe, Budenholzer gets the inside scoop on this guy’s potential. Either way, Simmons is bound for a pretty significant pay day, so Atlanta would have to be sure sure of his potential.

6. Kyle Korver                          Hawks Interest: Medium

It is probably unlikely, but there has to be some interest in a veteran who fit so perfectly with the Hawks during his time. He is likely not going to cost much and could provide invaluable leadership while still being a serviceable player. But after the trade to the Cavs, he probably will stay their an continue to chase an NBA title.

7. Tyreke Evans                      Hawks Interest: Medium

Evans has talent, but it has not resulted it terrific numbers and more importantly wins. While he can score, he is not an effecient scorer. He is coming off a few down years, and probably is not going to get the kind of money he would like. Evans is a career 16.1 points a game scorer. Perhaps in the Hawks system, under the right coaching, he can revert back to his old ways. Injuries have also plagued Evans. He is a risky bargain, but for the right price he could be an interesting pick up.

8. Nick Young                        Hawks Interest: Low

Young has found a place in the NBA after his better play last season. With the Lakers looking to move forward though, Young will probably be looking for a new home. His play is similar to Lou Williams, and we all saw how that worked out with Coach Budenholzer. Young will find a new home somewhere in the NBA but not in Atlanta.

9.  Ian Clark                          Hawks Interest: High

One thing that was so impressive about the Warriors beyond their superstars was their depth. Even there bench could go on a 15-0 run behind some hot shooting. Clark was a big reason for that, shooting 48.7% from the field and 37.4% from behind the arc. That efficiency is something that will intrigue Coach Budenholzer. Between that and the Travis Schlenk connection with Golden State, this seems like a reasonable move the Hawks could make this offseason.

10. Ben McLemore                   Hawks Interest: Medium

The #2 overall pick has become a notorious boom or bust pick in the NBA draft, and unfortunately McLemore has fallen on the latter side of that in the early beginnings of his career. At Kansas, McLemore was a star. An athletic wing that could shoot the three-ball and score at will. It has not translated so far in the NBA, but maybe a change in scenery is what he really needs. There might be potential a guy like McLemore could blossom into a starter in another system, much like we saw from Dion Waiters this season.

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