Ranking the Top Free Agents: Small Forwards



1. Kevin Durant                          Hawks interest: Low

Durant shocked the world with his move to Golden State last season. He has not regretted it though, and he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

2. Gordon Hayward                   Hawks interest: Low

Hayward is one of the biggest free agents that could be on the move this offseason, as the Jazz are legitimately worried he is headed elsewhere. He will receive a max-contract wherever he goes. The Hawks would love to sign a talent like Hayward that would fit their style of play, but it is highly unlikely he will have interest in a rebuild.

3. Danillo Gallinari.                  Hawks interest: Low

Gallinari has quietly been a terrific NBA player for quite some time. At 6’10”, that is a career 37% three-point shooter, Gallinari is a perfect fit for a lot of teams in the modern game. After two of his best scoring years with the Nuggets, he is likely in a for a huge pay day. That price tag is going to scare the Hawks away.

4. Otto Porter                          Hawks interest: Low

Porter elevated his game this season, making the Wizards a real threat in the East. Regardless of whether that kind of production is sustainable, there are going to be a lot of huge offers for Porter, maybe even max offers. The Hawks likely will not be interested in those, given they have a nice young small forward of their own in Taurean Prince for much less money.

5. Rudy Gay                           Hawks interest: Medium

Gay had his final season in Sacramento end prematurely because of a torn achilles. Regardless, Gay has been a reliable scorer in this league for quite some time. He is also one of the most clutch players around, something the Hawks sorely missed last season. If Schlenk is serious about the Hawks not rebuilding, Gay could be the most talented player they could acquire below a max-contract.

6. Andre Iguodala                   Hawks interest: High

It may have seemed like Iggy played a lesser role in the Warriors championship run, but he actually put up some of the most efficient numbers of his career. Once again, if the Hawks are serious about not rebuilding, Iguodala will be high on their list of possible free agents. Travis Schlenk knows just how valuable Iguodala can be as an all-around player, and most importantly a leader. On a very young Hawks team, Iggy could do wonders as a veteran presence on the team.

7. James Johnson                    Hawks interest: Medium

After bouncing around the NBA, Johnson actually had a really effective season last year with the Heat. He averaged 12.8 points, 4.9 rebounds and 3.6 assists primarily coming of the bench for Miami. Johnson is due for a hefty raise, but he could provide a nice bench option for the Hawks, who are in need of some wing depth.

8. Bojan Bogdanovic               Hawks interest: Medium

The Hawks might not be looking to invest a ton of money at small forward with Taurean Prince beginning to come into his own. But an addition like Bogdanovic, would come at a low price and would add scoring off the bench. Atlanta’s bench was awful once Tim Hardaway Jr. entered the starting lineup, and some scoring off the bench is desperately needed. Bogdanovic does one things really well, score.

9. P.J. Tucker                            Hawks interest: High

A tremendous defender that can put up decent numbers shooting from behind the arc, sounds like Mike Budenholzer’s type of guy. Tucker would not cost too much, and once again really help out the Hawks bench.

10. Shabazz Muhammed                Hawks interest: Medium

With the addition of Jimmy Butler, Muhammed will likely be out the door if he was not already. He was severely under utilized in Minnesota. A winger the can put up buckets at an efficient rate, he could be gotten at a low price and carries some high upside at just 24 years of age.

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