Report: Asante Samuel Jr. met with Falcons via Zoom

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According to Justin Melo, the Falcons — among other teams — have met with Florida State defensive back Asante Samuel Jr.

This is one of the first reports I have seen of players meeting with teams, though surely there are more that haven’t been announced. This makes sense as the Falcons’ defensive back room is bleak, but even more so, Samuel Jr. fits Dean Pees’ system. He is a quick, agile, and versatile cover corner prospect. Samuel Jr. typically aligned as an outside cornerback in Florida State’s defense, playing on both the left and right boundaries, but he has lined up in the slot as well. Pees could move him wherever he is needed most.

Samuel Jr. thrives in man or zone coverage and is able to use his quickness and agility to stay with receivers in and out of breaks. He has good awareness and discipline in zone coverage, doing a quality job of reading the quarterbacks’ eyes to lead him to the ball. His quickness and short-area explosiveness allow him to close passing windows in a hurry.

The Falcons will surely be procuring multiple defensive backs through the draft and free agency, and we now have a taste of the first possibility. It even makes sense on a spiritual level (kidding) that he starts his career where his father, Asante Samuel Sr., ended his.

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