Report: Braves could pursue Stroman in the offseason

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According to Jim Bowden of CBS Sports – Marcus Stroman and the Mets’ marriage may be over before a full 162 game season.

Bowden says that Stroman staying with the Mets is “unlikely” and says that the Braves, White Sox, and Angels are all going to be contenders for his services. All 3 of these teams make a lot of sense, especially LA. You have to think the Yankees and Dodgers will get involved at some point as well. This would be a disaster for the Mets, who traded top ten system pieces Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson for Stroman at the 2019 deadline. The shortened season is something that nobody saw coming, but after missing the playoffs in 2019 – this could be a major miss… especially if he comes to the division-rival Braves.

Stroman had an up and down but overall solid 2019. His 1.475 WHIP and 4.75 FIP while in New York is very unappealing but his 9.1 K/9 and 3.77 ERA are palatable. Even though he went 6-11 in Toronto for half the season in 2019, that loss column is misleading. His FIP was at 3.51 and a 1.23 WHIP is much easier to look at. His 2.96 ERA was on track for a career-best. This will all come down to money and how Stroman looks against NL competition in 2020 (if there is a 2020 season). Stroman notably wants to be paid – and for good reason. He’s very talented. He could also fall off a cliff a la Chris Archer. If Stroman is in Atlanta’s price range for a reasonable 3-4 year deal, I say pull the trigger. Besides, taking him from the Mets in this way would be oh so sweet. In a very early prediction, I think the Angels offer him a massive overpay, and he wisely accepts.

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