Report: Braves haven’t shown interest in Kris Bryant, and other third base news

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The Winter Meetings have been busy so far for Alex Anthopoulos, and there have been some exciting tidbits already early in the week regarding the Braves and their search for a third baseman. The first one is, let’s just say… far-fetched.

As much as every team in the history of baseball would love a player of Rendon’s caliber, the Braves aren’t going to sign him. His price tag could reach $300 million, judging by some of the other contracts handed out early this offseason, which isn’t something Atlanta has ever been willing to dole out. Although the fact that Anthopoulos even inquired on Rendon is another sign the Braves aren’t done spending yet.

Another third baseman the Braves could target on the trade market if they miss out on Josh Donaldson is Kris Bryant. The Cubs are rumored to be shopping their former MVP third baseman, but there are some hurdles to a deal happening. First off, arbitrators are left to decide when he becomes a free agent. If they rule Bryant can hit the market following next season, his price tag in a trade plummets, and the Braves likely would not be interested. And if he has two more years of team control remaining, the Cubs asking price will probably be too astronomical. Because of that, there haven’t been talks between Atlanta and Chicago regarding Bryant.


I think this either means 1 of 3 things:

  1. AA is very confident Josh Donaldson will be back
  2. He’s putting up a smokescreen and not showing his cards (most likely)
  3. The Braves just aren’t interested in Kris Bryant

You have to think the Cubs are praying Donaldson goes to Texas. If so, they can start a bidding war between Atlanta, Philadelphia, and maybe even Washington for Bryant’s services. Philadelphia has star prospect Alec Bohm to offer as a centerpiece, an enticing replacement for Bryant. Atlanta would likely dangle Austin Riley as a starting point and have more to offer after that. Bruce Levine of 670theScore in Chicago suggested Riley, Inciarte, and a pitcher to make the deal work. If that’s all it would take, I’d have that deal done yesterday. Donaldson’s newest demand for a 4th year makes Bryant the best backup option, especially if the Bringer of Rain lands with a division rival.


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