Report: Dan Quinn echoes Mike Tomlin’s sentiment on opening team’s practice facilities

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With many cities beginning to loosen their stay at home restrictions as the virus slows, the conversations about re-opening NFL practice facilities have already started. Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been the most outspoken on the issue, stating all team facilities should open at the same time. Because not doing so would result in an unfair advantage for several teams. In an interview with the Falcons media via videoconference, Dan Quinn echoed Tomlin’s sentiment on the issue. Take a listen:

With the state of Georgia already beginning to re-open, the Falcons probably wouldn’t have had to worry about any unfair advantages. But for the sake of the game, it makes a lot of sense for teams to open their practice facilities on the same date with the same restrictions. The NFL will likely have an official statement on this issue sooner rather than later.

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