Report: Falcons have an offer for a first-round pick for Julio Jones, trade could happen next week

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After earlier reports surfaced that the Falcons were unlikely to get a first-round pick in a Julio Jones deal, it looks like the bidding has begun to heat up for the All-Pro wide receiver.

At this point, I think the Falcons have to do what’s best for them and move on. If Jones wants out, they should oblige and shed some of his salary, especially if a first-round pick is in play. While I think Jones is 100000% worth a first-round pick, I didn’t think the Falcons would get one in return. Maybe this is a leak to drive up the asking price, or perhaps the pick is a conditional first rounder. One thing’s for sure, it’s looking more and more unlikey that Jones will be a Falcon before the second week of June arrives.

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