Report: Falcons interested in moving up in the draft for “right guy”

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The NFL Draft is just hours away, and absolutely nobody knows what’s going to happen. That’s typical for this time of year, but even still, it feels as if this draft is the most unpredictable in recent memory. Terry Fontenot said as much in a recent interview with the media. He also said the Falcons are open to moving up and down the draft board if it makes sense.

To this point, there’s been a lot of chatter from NFL insiders suggesting the Falcons are trying to move down in the draft. It’s logical, given where they stand. Unless they are eyeing a quarterback, they very well could move down a few spots, pick up some more picks, and still get the same player they were going to select at eight.

But now we have another report from NFL insider Lance Zierlein, who says the Falcons are one of five teams also interested in moving up for “the right guy.”

Zierlein is one of the few people I trust this time of year. He usually doesn’t put out reports unless he has some concrete evidence from a source. But who might be the “right guy” for the Falcons?

One of the top quarterbacks could be in play. The Falcons have voiced their confidence in Ridder all offseason, but he hasn’t really done anything to solidify himself as the team’s franchise quarterback. If the Texans decide not to take a quarterback with the second pick, an opportunity could arise for the Falcons. The Cardinals don’t need a quarterback with Kyler Murray under contract and are shopping the #3 overall pick. If there’s a chance the Falcons could get their pick of the litter between CJ Stroud, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson, it would make some sense.

There’s also the possibility the “right guy” is not a quarterback at all. A run on quarterbacks could force some of the best prospects down the board, and if one of them gets close enough to Atlanta, perhaps they pull the trigger.

My guess is, despite the Falcons voicing their confidence in Ridder, they would be moving up for a quarterback, which adds another wrinkle to what will be a very exciting night for fans around the NFL. 8:00 PM ET cannot get here any faster.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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