Report: Feleipe Franks could start for the Falcons Saturday against Miami

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I’ve cracked a few jokes this week about how Feleipe Franks could overtake AJ McCarron as QB2 on Atlanta’s roster, and although it’s the preseason… it could be more likely than it was two weeks ago:

The headline is a little misleading, Arthur Smith doesn’t explicitly say that Franks will start against Miami, but he did leave the door open for the possibility:

“They are on different levels,” Smith said. “We’ll assess it at the end of the week and then we’ll see who’ll take the first half and who will take the second half assuming that we don’t play Matt (Ryan). Right now, the plan is to play both of those guys again Saturday.”


I did write a less tongue-in-cheek article about Franks’ odds to make the 53-man roster, and I think his chances have increased after the first preseason game. AJ McCarron did not look good; although in his defense, he was running for his life and his receivers weren’t getting much separation. While Franks wasn’t much more effective as a passer, he’s only 23 and has a ton of physical gifts that McCarron just doesn’t have. You have to think the Falcons are a bit more interested in his development, especially if he can continue to improvise like this:

Once again, this is just the preseason, but like most fans, I’m much more interested in watching Franks develop as a possible future backup.

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