Report: Hawks could return on Christmas Day to take on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden

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The NBA is scheduled to unveil their Christmas Day slate in just a few hours, and according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the longest drought in the NBA is about to end.

The Hawks haven’t played on Christmas Day since 1989 — a 31-year drought. Following a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, that was bound to change. However, Young’s budding rivalry with the city of New York surely expedited the process. During the Hawks magical playoff run this past season, Young became the villain of the Eastern Conference, and nobody made that more clear than the people of New York.

For so many reasons, this was a magical moment for Knicks fans. Not only was it their first playoff appearance in eight years, but it was also the first time in over a year that a significant number of fans were allowed into Madison Square Garden. It was the first glimmer of normalcy in one of the world’s most immaculate cities since COVID arrived, and New York made themselves heard from the opening tip.

Unfortunately, it failed to affect Young and the Hawks, who completed a gentleman’s sweep in style. I mean, who can forget moments like these?

The Knicks were unable to accomplish their ultimate goal, but still, one of the best rivalries in the NBA was born — the people of New York vs. Trae Young.

This is also a testament to the respect the Hawks are beginning to garner nationally. They are one of the most exciting teams in the NBA with the best young core; the days of them being snubbed for nationally televised games are long gone. Expect to see Trae Young and company in primetime a lot next season.

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