Report: Hawks want to move John Collins before the NBA Draft

dkf190930022 hawks media day

The Hawks have been tied to a number of rumors, and it’s difficult to decipher what is smoke and what is fire, but one thing that is looking increasingly agreed upon by every NBA insider is that the Hawks want to trade John Collins. How soon that happens depends on who you ask, but Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report is reporting that Travis Schlenk and company would like to have a deal done before the draft kicks off tomorrow night.

I would say there is an incredibly high likelihood Collins is traded within the next 30 hours, and even if he isn’t, his time in Atlanta looks to be over.

The good news for the Hawks is there appears to be no shortage of suitors. From teams that are rebuilding to contenders, everyone seems interested in adding a player of Collins’ caliber. And why wouldn’t they be? Collins has been one of the most efficient players in the NBA for years. The Hawks should be able to get a decent haul for him, and moving Collins will create quite a bit of cap space. It should be a fun next couple of days for Atlanta fans.


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