Report: Julio Jones requested a trade months ago, Atlanta seeking a first-round pick in return, unlikely to get it

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Falcons fans are in a scramble today after Shannon Sharpe called Julio Jones on Undisputed this morning, and Jones told Sharpe that he was “out of there [Atlanta].” It’s not clear if Jones knew he was on the air, but this has to hurt Atlanta’s leverage in any potential trade seriously. Now, more details are emerging about Jones and the Falcons.

The floodgates have really opened now, and it seems more likely than ever that one of the greatest players in franchise history will be in another uniform in 2021. Not only would trading Jones sting, but if the Falcons fail to get a first-round pick or an impact player on defense, this becomes even more of a loss. While the past regime’s mistakes still loom, Terry Fontenot better hope the Falcons find success quickly because fan approval is plummeting to a near all-time low.

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