Report: Mets now have concerns with Carlos Correa’s physical

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Carlos Correa‘s free agency took another wild turn today, as Ken Rosenthal recently reported that the Mets now have a concern with the results from his physical.

The Giants got a bad wrap after they reportedly pulled their 13-year offer with Correa because of what they found during their physical. Most people assumed San Francisco just got cold feet at the alter, but apparently, that wasn’t the case. There are legitimate concerns with Correa’s right leg, which he’s had surgery on in the past, and how he might hold up over the course of his next contract.

I never want to laugh at the health of another player, but I would be lying if I said I don’t love praying on the Mets downfall. For some reason, things just never go right for them. No matter how much they spend, it feels like miserable luck will always strike them at some point during the season, and this is just the latest example.

What happens next is a bit of a mystery. As Rosenthal explains in the piece, because Steve Cohen already commented on the deal, there’s a chance the Mets will have to follow through with it.

The parties could agree to a restructured contract if the Mets continue to express reservations about the long-term stability of Correa’s leg. It might be difficult for the Mets to back out of the agreement entirely after their owner, Steve Cohen, went on record talking about the deal. It also might be difficult for Correa to re-enter the free-agent market and land a comparable contract after two clubs identified the same issue in their physical examinations of him.

I still think the two sides will work through this latest bump in the road, but this is something the entire baseball world will be monitoring closely over the next 24-48 hours, and it would be a nice Christmas gift if Correa were forced to find another home, preferably one outside of the NL East.

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