Rob Gronkowski says Falcons should give Bill Belichick total control

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As the days go by, more and more of the Falcons potential head coaching candidates come off the board. First, it was Brian Callahan, who inked a deal with the Titans. Yesterday, Jim Harbaugh landed in sunny Los Angeles.

There are still plenty of options for Arthur Blank and company to choose from, but if the Falcons owner is looking for experience, the choices are beginning to narrow quickly. Blank reportedly met with former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel yesterday for the first time. He’s a guy with a track record of success, but one has to wonder if his relationship with Arthur Smith could play a factor in him wanting to come to Atlanta. If so, the only real candidate with significant experience left is Bill Belichick, who has been viewed as the frontrunner since this process began.

The idea of Belichick coming to the Falcons has been met with a split reaction among fans. Some are enamored with the potential of the greatest coach of all time joining the organization. Others view it as a short-term solution to a much bigger problem.

The decision to go with Belichick will likely all come down to control. He’s been Blank’s top target since the beginning, but other members of the front office — like Rich McKay and Terry Fontenot — realize the writing could be on the wall if Belichick comes to Atlanta. He’s a coach who has had full autonomy in New England for two decades, and he could likely want the same power with the Falcons.

That’s another aspect of the decision that has rubbed many fans the wrong way. Bill Belichick, while an elite head coach, has not been a good general manager in New England for quite some time. However, if you ask one of his former players — future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski — the Falcons shouldn’t be hesitant in giving Belichick what he desires.

“I would 100% hand it over to coach Belichick. He has a proven record of being able to handle it. He handled it very well for however long he was in New England, what was it 20, 20+ years in New England. He knows how to do it. He’s got experience. So, hand it over to him, he’s going to change the program around.”

This is a glowing endorsement from one of the best players to ever step on a football field.

Bill Belichick is a notoriously difficult head coach to play for; Rob Gronkowski has talked about that aspect several times since his retirement. He doesn’t come off as the most likable character, and some have even said his success is only due to the talent he had around him, like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

However, when arguably the greatest tight end of all time can recognize how vital he was to the Patriots’ success, it might behoove Arthur Blank to listen. Gronkowski has been as close to Belichick as any player, and if he believes Belichick can turn the Falcons around with full autonomy, who is anybody to say Belichick doesn’t deserve it.

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