Roddy White Has Talks With Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan

After six straight seasons of over 1,000 yards receiving from 2007-20012, Roddy White has clearly take some steps back over the last couple of seasons. White played in 13 games or the Falcons in 2013,  but only managed to catch 63 balls for 711 yards. He followed that up with an 80 catch season for 921 yards in 2014. Injuries have plagued White the last couple of years, but coming into the 2015, White was reportedly 100% healthy and ready to contribute. He has been active in all of the Falcons’ first four games, but only managed to catch 6 balls for 92 yards, good for fifth on the team. After Sunday’s 48-21 trampling of the Texans, White told reporters that while winning is his first priority, he wants to catch more passes. While it is never good that a single player is worried about his own individual statistics when the team and especially the offense has been playing so well, White is a widely regarded team player, so I do not expect this to become an issue.

Today, White returned to the team after visiting his mother who recently had surgery. ESPN Falcons reporter Vaughn McClure reported that White met with Quinn regarding his comments, and that the situation is already in the past.

According to reports White met with both Quinn and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and both of the respective meetings went really well. Quinn and Shanahan have both stated that they view White as a very important part of the team and that White will play more of a role in the offense going forward.

The situation was blown out of proportion to begin with. Whether White will start receiving more target is yet to be seen, but if he is the team player that he is perceived to be it should not matter. The offense is operating on a different level, so White is going to just have to be patient and wait his turn.

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