Rome Braves announce they will be changing their team name

Hurston Waldrep Braves hat AJ Smith-Shawver

The Rome Braves — the Braves high-A minor-league affiliate — put out a press release today announcing the name of the team will be changed for 2024 and beyond. After 20 years as “The Braves,” the club will begin a new chapter, and they are asking fans for their input.

I like the idea of the organization’s minor-league affiliates having different names than the major-league club. It’s fun, and generally, the results are pretty ludicrous. A few years ago, the Braves AAA affiliate changed its name from the Braves to the Stripers. The new name, logo, and uniforms are all fantastic, and they also asked for input from the fans. Hopefully, something similar happens in Rome, and I expect the same thing will take place in Mississippi before long, who are also currently named the Braves.

Photo: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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