Ron Washington interviews with Angels tonight

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Ron Washington is once again a managerial coaching candidate. This time, he’s interviewing to become the next leader of the Los Angeles Angels.

I don’t expect the Angels to come to a decision quickly, but Braves fans may have to come to grips with the beloved Washington eventually leaving for a promotion. Although… I hope he can find a better landing spot than the Angels. They are a dumpster fire with no sense of direction, especially if Shohei Ohtani walks in free agency, as most expect.

Nobody wants to see Wash go. He’s been integral to the Braves success over the years and provides plenty of entertainment throughout each season. With that being said, at 71-years-old, time is running out for him to get another opportunity, which he has made clear he desires. There are a lot better situations for someone his age to find postseason success, but that might not be Washington’s top priority.

Photo: Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire

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