Ronald Acuña Jr. decides to play in Venezuelan Winter League

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Ronald Acuña Jr. may be a Major League Baseball superstar in America, but he has not forgotten his Venezuelan roots. He generally spends most of the offseason in his home country and has been a constant participant in the Venezuelan Winter League. However, an incident a year ago prompted him to say he was retiring from the League, when his family was reportedly attacked in the stands.

Ronald Acuña Jr. is the type of dude that just loves playing ball. Money is one of the lasting perks of the job, but he seems like the kind of guy that would still be doing what he loves even if he wasn’t making millions of dollars. His energy, even when participating in the Venezuelan Winter League, is contagious. So I was a little disappointed to hear this would be something that would not continue.

However, according to the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League’s official Twitter account, it appears Acuña has had a change of heart.

When talking about Ronald Acuña Jr, injuries are always a concern, given his history. But he played in the Venezuela Winter League a year ago and followed it up by becoming the first player ever to hit 40 homers and swipe 70 bags. As far as I’m concerned, he can play wherever he wants whenever he wants because it’s clearly only having a positive effect on his production with the Braves.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire


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