Should the Braves buy low on Joey Gallo?

Braves Joey Gallo

When it comes to contracts and trades in sports, and pretty much anything in life for that matter, it’s all about value. Alex Anthopoulos showed he understands that more than anybody at last year’s trade deadline, bringing in Adam Duvall, Eddie Rosario, Joc Pederson, and Jorge Soler for pennies. None of those guys were stars, and a couple were even benched or injured, but they all broke out and played critical roles for the Braves.

With few highly-rated prospects at their disposal — FanGraphs recently ranked the Braves farm system dead last — there will be even more pressure for Alex Anthopoulos to find value where others might not be looking, and one name that’s been tossed around in Braves circles is Joey Gallo of the Yankees.

Gallo’s name has been floated around at the trade deadline seemingly every year, and he was finally dealt last season to the Yankees. However, the bright lights of New York seem to be too much for the former Texas Ranger, as he has been a shell of himself ever since joining the Bronx Bombers. Gallo has hit just .161 in 138 games as a member of the Yankees, and the team is now listening to offers for him, looking for a decent prospect in return. The Braves have a few of those, and I think this could be a perfect opportunity to buy low on a player that desperately needs a change of scenery.

Gallo’s never been an average guy. Offensively, he’s the definition of a three-outcome hitter. He either hits a ball over the fence, strikes out, or walks. There’s no in-between. Gallo’s career average is .201, but his career on-base percentage is .328. And even though he’s only hit .161 with the Yankees, he still has 25 homers in 138 games — not too shabby for a player amid the worst offensive stretch of his career.

Gallo is also an elite outfielder, winning a Gold Glove in each of the last two seasons. That’s another thing the Braves, who have struggled mightily defensively in the outfield, should hold in high regard.

Once again, this trade deadline is all about value for Atlanta. There’s a chance the Yankees are asking for too much for a player who has not performed well over the last year. But if the Braves can buy low on Joey Gallo and get him for pennies, much like they did for Soler and Rosario last year, it could be the kind of deal that puts this team over the top.

Photo: Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

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