Should the Braves do this hypothetical trade for Bo Bichette?

Bo Bichette Braves

Due to a plethora of injuries, the Braves, who didn’t seem like they would be incredibly active at this year’s trade deadline, now could be the most active of any club in the majors. On paper, they could use another starting pitcher, but most notably, they need someone to replace the offensive production left by Ronald Acuña Jr, who is out for the season after suffering a torn ACL.

The obvious direction for the Braves is to search for outfielders leading up to the trade deadline. Just like they did in 2021, the last time Acuña tore his ACL, which led to the club’s first World Series since 1995. However, Alex Anthopoulos likes to zig when others are zagging. There is more than one way to fix the Braves offensive woes, and a blockbuster trade for a young star in Toronto, Bo Bichette, makes a lot of sense.

Zachary D. Rhymer of Bleacher Report recently came up with his top 10 landing spots for the Blue Jays shortstop, and the Braves clocked in at #5. Here was his hypothetical deal:

Trade Proposal: Atlanta gets SS Bo Bichette; Toronto Blue Jays get RHP Hurston Waldrep (Atlanta No. 3, MLB No. 73), SS Nacho Alvarez Jr. (Atlanta No. 7)

This is a fair swap on paper. But since Atlanta stands to lose Max Fried and Charlie Morton from its rotation this winter, it might want to hold on to as many pitching prospects as it can. And Waldrep is a good one, boasting both powerful stuff and improving control.

Acquiring multiple outfielders at the trade deadline won’t cost the Braves top-level prospects, and it probably makes the most sense with Acuña out. I expect them to do that no matter what, but I’ve long said the Braves need to take a look at the future of the shortstop position.

Orlando Arcia is a fantastic bargain. He’s elite defensively, but his offense is average at-best and has a tendency to disappear. The Braves could continue to ride this out, but it’s better to be too early than too late on these kind of decisions, especially when the offense is in desperate need of a boost.

Bo Bichette is the kind of player that could become a pillar in Atlanta. He’s under contract for $12 million this year and $17 million next season, a more than reasonable price for a two-time All-Star that has finished top-16 in the AL MVP race in each of the last three years.

Bichette is off to a slow start in 2024, but there really shouldn’t be any concerns about him offensively. What could prevent the Braves from pulling the trigger is the defense. He’s struggled in that area recently, which is where Arcia excels.

However, if the Braves are confident in him defensively, this could be the perfect opportunity for Alex Anthopoulos to do what he does best — trade and extend. He did it with Matt Olson a couple of offseasons ago, Sean Murphy last year, and it could be a possibility with Bo Bichette ahead of the trade deadline.

The Blue Jays shortstop is just 26-years-old, fitting the Braves timeline perfectly. Hurston Waldrep is a fine prospect, but pitching is so incredibly volatile. There’s no telling how he will pan out at the major-league level, and Nacho Alvarez becomes expendable if the Braves find their long-term answer at the shortstop position in Bo Bichette.

What do you think about the possibility of the Braves swinging a blockbuster trade for Bo Bichette?

Photo: Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire

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