Should the Braves kick the tires on this blockbuster trade hypothetical?

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Bleacher Report listed a blockbuster trade hypothetical for a few teams they wanted to see in 2023, and of course, the Braves made the list:

The Braves clocked in at sixth, acquiring Tim Anderson from the White Sox:

Why It Would Be Cool

This idea can only begin to make sense in conjunction with doubts about Vaughn Grissom as Dansby Swanson’s replacement at shortstop for Atlanta, which are getting harder to have.

Grissom made an immediate impact in the majors last year, after all, and that was after beginning the season in High-A and making the leap from Double-A. He’s now hitting .323 in spring training, all while putting in work with Ron Washington to get ready to play short.

And yet, we’re still talking about a 22-year-old who wasn’t able to keep a grip on a starting job at second base last season. So, what if Atlanta is eventually forced to look outside the organization for a shortstop? And what if they end up looking at Tim Anderson?

He’d be a good target simply on the merits of being, you know, an annual .300 hitter who handles the spotlight with the best of ’em. To the latter end, he’d be granted access to quite a bright one if he were to end up with a team that won the World Series in 2021 and 101 games in 2022.

But How Likely Is It?

Even setting aside Grissom-related doubts, there’s still the question of whether the White Sox would trade Anderson this summer. They wanted no part in such an idea this past winter. That’s presumably only going to change if disaster befalls them this season, which isn’t what projections portend.

Bleacher Report doesn’t give a return for Anderson, and frankly, I think it would be a bit unlikely considering how bad Atlanta’s farm system is. The Braves have a few young pitchers they drafted last year, but guys like Ian Anderson and Bryce Elder don’t move the needle in blockbuster trades.

The Braves would have to be willing to part ways with major-league talent, like Vaughn Grissom, Jared Shuster, and Dylan Dodd to even get the conversations started. The White Sox also went .500 last year in a weak division, and made some improvements in the offseason that signal they intend to compete.

I’d be open to having Anderson in Atlanta, but I don’t think it makes sense for Chicago. If they haven’t traded him to this point, it’s because they intend for him to be a piece of their club in 2023, and potentially beyond. Maybe things will be different at the trade deadline, but we have a long ways to go until then.

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