Should the Falcons be interested in Isaiah Wilson?

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Isaiah Wilson has had one of the worst starts to an NFL career in recent memory, and that’s before you even consider he was a first round pick. The former Georgia Bulldog clearly has some personal issues he needs to work out, but he just turned 22 years old, and there was a reason he was selected so high in last year’s draft. Still, recent events, including a now deleted tweet where Wilson announced that he was done playing for the Titans, has Tennessee looking to hedge their bets and move on:


There’s no telling what Wilson would bring back in a trade, but it obviously wouldn’t be a first round pick and probably not even a day two selection. Character issues aside, though, he still has a lot of upside as a football player.

Despite only appearing in one game in 2020, Wilson’s college tape is tough to ignore. He is incredibly athletic and rangy for a guy that’s 6’7 and 350 pounds. In addition, Wilson is incredibly strong, which makes him a force in the run game. His technique needs a little work, but if Atlanta trades for him, kicking him to guard might be the best move. He could immediately fill the void left by James Carpenter, who is likely to be cut.

You really don’t know what you’re going to get with Wilson, but I do believe it’s too early to completely give up on him. Somebody will give him another shot, and a lucky team may be able to acquire a first-round talent with a late-round pick. The elephant in the room is Arthur Smith — Wilson’s former offensive coordinator. He’ll know everything there is to know, and I find it unlikely that someone that was in the building with the Titans would be very interested in bringing Wilson on board, judging by how quickly their marriage has deteriorated.

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