Should the Hawks Draft Kelly Oubre?


Kelly Oubre was a highly touted prospect coming out of high school. Ranked by Rivals as the number six recruit in the nation, Oubre had high expectations coming into Kansas. He was given the task of replacing Andrew Wiggins, last year’s number one draft pick. However, his career at Kansas got off to a rocky start. Oubre rarely played in the beginning of the season for a variety of reasons. As the season went on, Oubre started to see more and more minutes. He showed off why he was a top recruit and the enormous amount of potential he could have in the NBA. Oubre very well could be available for the Hawks at the 15th pick, but should the Hawks take him if he is available?

Oubre stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 205 pounds. With a wingspan of over 7 feet, he screams wing defender. However, while the intangibles are there for Oubre to be a terrific defender, his inconsistent defense is one of the many reasons he primarily rode the bench at the beginning of his freshman year at Kansas.  The Hawks have a definite need for another athletic wing player that can shoot. Oubre shot close to 35% from behind the arc at Kansas. His shot is fairly smooth, but he definitely has room to improve as a shooter. Judging by the way other Hawks players have made great strides with their shooting under Budenholzer, Oubre could pan out to be great piece for the Hawks, a team that emphasizes player development. Oubre also has the ability to finish around the rim. He is terrific in transition and can make electrifying plays. If he can reach his full potential defensively he could be a nightmare in creating points off turnovers.

Kelly Oubre has potential and could be a very good player in the coming years, but if he is on the board when the Hawks are on the clock, I think the Hawks should pass. It is easy to fall in love with Oubre when watching his highlights. He is really smooth, has a nice shot, and can make explosive plays. However, the facts are that Oubre only averaged 21 minutes and scored 9 points a game in his freshman year at Kansas. I think Oubre could have benefited from another year or two of college, but when scouts have ranked him so high on their prospect lists, it is hard to ignore the money. The NBA body is there, but the game is not yet. His flashes of greatness are awesome, but he is far from consistent enough to play a big role in his rookie season. The Hawks need a more seasoned player that can make an impact coming in. Oubre has big upside, but has huge bust potential. The Hawks have a shot to make a run at the 2016 Finals, and a good draft pick is the first step to getting there. Kelly Oubre is not the right pick for the Hawks in this year’s draft. He is the definition of a boom or bust.

Watch Oubre’s Freshman Year Highlights Here:


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