Spurs reportedly have shown “little interest” in Trae Young trade

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People can say whatever they’d like, but Trae Young remains one of the bigger stars in the NBA. If the Hawks actually consider dangling him in front of teams this offseason, there will be plenty of potential suitors. But even if Atlanta doesn’t make Young available, that won’t stop the hypotheticals from rolling in.

One team that appears to make a lot of sense in a potential Trae Young trade is the San Antonio Spurs. The Hawks and Spurs have recently completed a blockbuster deal, when San Antonio sent Dejounte Murray to Atlanta. So not only is there a working relationship between the two front offices, but if the Hawks are going to blow things up and rebuild, they’d surely like their picks back.

Beyond that, the Spurs are now turning the corner in their rebuild. Landing a generational prospect in Victor Wembanyama expedites things quickly. San Antonio now eyes to compete and adding a point guard like Trae Young, who is elite offensively but has his warts defensively, makes a lot of sense, considering Wembanyama is already one of the best defensive big-men in the league.

That’s how a lot of rumors get started; however, Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that while Trae Young to the Spurs looks good on paper, San Antonio doesn’t appear to have much interest as of now. 

“However, according to multiple league figures with knowledge of the situation, any Spurs plans of maneuvering to bring Young to San Antonio have been vastly overstated. The Spurs, sources said, have expressed little interest in obtaining Young to date.”

Just because there is no interest today, doesn’t mean there won’t be any in the future. Frankly, the Hawks haven’t shown interest in trading Trae Young to date. Perhaps that changes this offseason, and if it does, one would assume the Spurs would at least inquire about the asking price.

Imagining Young’s passing abilities in the Spurs’ offensive system alongside another budding superstar in Victor Wembanyama sounds pretty appealing. However, San Antonio operates a little differently than the rest of the league. Perhaps they view Trae Young’s poor defensive skillset and questionable locker room presence as red flags they don’t have any interest in bringing into the locker room.

Photo: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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