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2021 nfl mock draft

Falcons: First day frugality could be sign of what’s to come in 2021

The new league year starts tomorrow, and the legal tampering period began yesterday at noon. While other teams like the Patriots are going on a …

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2021 nfl mock draft

Falcons: A Terry Fontenot “Best Player Available” Mock Draft (Five Rounds)

Many people are confused about what “best player available” rudimentarily means, and for a good reason. Depending on the scope you’re looking through, it can …

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2021 nfl mock draft

Full first round 2021 Mock Draft (Post Super Bowl)

A lot ot stuff can happen between now and the draft, and this offseason will be one of the craziest in NFL history. Plenty of …

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2021 nfl mock draft

Falcons Offseason Mock Draft 3.0: Dream Chaos Scenario (5 Rounds)

This is my last pre Pro Day/Free Agency/Senior Bowl mock draft, so I’m just gonna go crazy with this one. Sadly after this, I’ll be …

lawrence trevor clem 2020
2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Full 2021 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 — Round 1

I decided to switch it up and do a whole mock draft for the NFL. I’m sure everyone will be in total agreement with every …

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2021 nfl mock draft

Jake’s 2021 Falcons Mock Draft 1.0 (5 Rounds)

With the NFL season officially halfway over (sadly), Atlanta’s next draft feels like a do or die. After a win against the Broncos, the Falcons …

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