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2021 mlb season

Should the Braves continue to count on Mike Soroka as it’s ace each season?

On Wednesday — hours before the team suffered its second-straight loss overall and fifth-straight this season to the Blue Jays — the Braves 2021 season …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: Max Fried set to return to a struggling Atlanta rotation

Tuesday night, righty Huascar Ynoa once again made Braves fans appreciative of the Jaime Garcia deal from the summer of 2017, when Atlanta sent Garcia …

2021 mlb season

Braves: Giants offer several rotation options if Atlanta’s become a long-term problem 

Let me get something straight right off the bat: I have NOT lost faith in the Braves starting rotation. I am completely aware that two …

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Atlanta Braves

Braves: The battle for the fifth starter is heating up

Until 2019’s NL Rookie of the Year runner-up — righty Mike Soroka — returns from his Achilles injury, the Braves will begin the coming season …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: Can Kyle Wright finally put it all together in 2021?

After posting an ERA north of 7.00 through his first six starts in 2020, it appeared as if Kyle Wright was destined to once again …

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2020 MLB Postseason

Braves: Dodgers to get first look at Wright, Anderson

The Dodgers and Braves are plenty familiar with one another, having faced off 26 times over the last five seasons. If we’re being honest, L.A. …

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2020 MLB Postseason

Braves: What starting rotation struggles? 

Entering the postseason, and essentially throughout most of the 2020 regular season, we read about how bad the Braves starting rotation was. Hell, I wrote …

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2020 MLB Postseason

Braves: Examining potential no. 4 starters for playoffs

The Braves will have some tough decisions to make come playoff time, which as of Friday, is just over two weeks away (October 6th in …

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2021 offseason

Braves: The case for signing Trevor Bauer this coming offseason 

As far as the starting rotation goes, the Braves could use help right now. Unfortunately, the trade deadline was nearly three weeks ago, and the lone addition …

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2014 trade

Braves: The NL Cy Young award is Max Fried’s to lose right now

With each passing start, that 2014 trade that moved outfielder Justin Upton to the Padres continues to pay off for the Braves. Part of a five-player deal …

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