kenneth faried

A few realistic free agent targets for the Hawks

NBA Free Agency is looming, but the Hawks have already used up their cap space this offseason to secure draft assets. Now, they have about …


Braves: Free agent outfield options

The Braves did not issue a qualifying offer to Nick Markakis. This does not mean he will not be back, as $17.9 million would have …


Report: Braves will talk about bringing back Suzuki

As we all know, catcher is probably the most important defensive positions in baseball. When you look at the catcher hitting stats around the league …


MLBPA files grievance against the Braves

The Major League Baseball Player’s Association has decided to file a grievance against the Braves on the behalf of 2018 first round pick Carter Stewart. …


Alan Williams should be a free agency target for the Hawks

The Hawks have such a talented young trio in Dennis Schroder, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Taurean Prince, and it would be foolish not to stockpile …


The Hawks must let Mike Muscala walk

Mike¬†Budenholzer has displayed¬†a very high level of loyalty towards his players. However, this could be his Achilles heel as a coach. The organization’s attachment to …


The Hawks must retain Tim Hardaway Jr.

Atlanta is going to have to make some tough decisions this offseason. Paul Millsap has said he is “probably” going to opt out of the …

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