The Braves were top 10 spenders this offseason

Braves: Now is not the time to get cheap

I tried to do it. I spent most of the night attempting to write up a few decent low-cost options for the Braves in case …

The Braves were top 10 spenders this offseason

What will the Braves payroll look like in 2020?

The Braves have been far and away the most active team in free agency. They’ve taken care of their own by re-signing Nick Markakis, Tyler …

cfm1909190956 braves vs phillies

Are we heading towards another cheap Braves offseason?

The Braves’ first potential mistake this offseason came two days after the Washington Nationals World Series celebration. Ignore everything I’m about to say if Atlanta …

9531810072195 braves v dodgers

Braves: Young talent proving the front office correct

To the obsessive Braves’ fans out there, who have been interested in nothing but who the Braves might acquire every second of the last four …


If the Atlanta Braves want to win, it’s time for new ownership

When the Atlanta Braves were acquired by Liberty Media back in 2007, it took a while for people to figure out what was going on. …

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