Taking a look at the Falcons current draft position

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Ah, you know what time it is; the day of the week when we take a glance at where the Falcons would be drafting if the season ended today. Like most weeks, Atlanta is once again coming off a loss, even if they did look much more competitive than they probably should have against the defending Super Bowl champions. However, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, as the Falcons moved to 4-11 on the season, moving up one spot in the draft order — ahead of the Carolina Panthers who beat the Washington Football Team.

The Falcons also jumped ahead of the Bengals, who beat the Houston Texans. However, the Texans — who were selecting sixth before this week’s slate of games — moved ahead of the Falcons after falling to 4-11 themselves, thanks to a weaker strength of schedule. Both the Falcons and the Texans each play teams that are 10-5 next week, so the only way for Atlanta to move up to third in the draft order is if they lose — and the Texans beat the Titans.

The latest the Falcons could pick is ninth. However, that would require them to beat the Bucs, and Giants, Eagles, Bengals, Lions, and Panthers would have to lose. That might seem like a long shot, but the Falcons had Tampa Bay down 17 at the half just two weeks ago, and they nearly toppled the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday on the road. They are certainly capable of pulling off the upset, and the Bucs might even be resting some players in preparation for the playoffs. You’ll never find me rooting for one of my teams to lose, but it sure would be nice going into the offseason with a top-five draft pick.

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